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How much do you know about motorcycle origin and classification?

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Motorcycles in Taiwan, known as the "motorcycle", referred to as "locomotive", it should be English motorcycle translation, in Hong Kong called "motorcycles" in China is called "motorcycle" is the motorcycle transliteration, however What kind of appellation means the motorbike vehicle is an engine of mobility through engines and electrical oil.

The birthplace of motorcycles was in Europe and North America. The first locomotive in the world was made in 1769 by a French Nicholas Cugnot steam engine. In Taiwan, during the Japanese occupation period, the locomotive began to be installed. At that time, a fuel tank was installed on the frame of the bicycle and an engine was installed above the pedal and the sprocket, that is, today's "bicycle".

Take Japan as an example, a motorcycle is called a "second wheel" and is divided into three categories: a small general automatic second wheel, a normal automatic second wheel and a large ordinary automatic wheel two. In Taiwan, light motorcycles, heavy-duty locomotives and large heavy-duty locomotives , Three categories title. Light locomotive refers to the 50cc displacement of motorcycles, heavy duty locomotive refers to the following 250cc displacement of motorcycles, while the large heavy duty locomotive refers to more than 250cc displacement of motorcycles.

The history is precipitated by the classic, retro style of things no matter what time are never outdated fashion. As people are increasingly pursuing personalized self-expression, many motorbike enthusiasts are remembered and aspired to the gentleman's gentry of the last century and are represented by personal preferences. In recent years, major motorcycle show, retro motorcycle has become an important force. Retro motorcycle is the essence of motorcycle culture, the cohesion, with a very classical charm, a very contemporary sense of modern performance reflects the unique charm of motorcycle culture, conquered the majority of riders, by the pursuit of the style of family of all ages.