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Some Models of Qingqi has obtained Euro IV homologation Certificates.

Time: 2018.01.29 1974 Font size: A- A A+

In this September, the QM125GY-2B model of Qingqi obtained the Euro IV certificate issued by E13 Luxembourg Ministry of Transportations. Till now only a few Chinese motorcycle manufacturers have obtained Euro IV certificate. The obtained certificate covers Supermotor and Enduro, for existing models and also new products.

In accordance the new framework requires of EU, all the products imported to EU in 2017 shall comply with the EUROIV directives.

Meanwhile, the Euro IV Certificates for retro style models produced by Jiangmen factory were also issued for 125cc and 250cc respectively.

Therefore, Jinan Qingqi’ s export to EU has smoothly entered into new EUROIV stage.